Wife... Mother... Equestrian... Artist...

After our first child I was asked a countless number of times if I was going to stop what I was doing so I could focus 100% of my time and energy on my new family.

As a women what was I to say? Of course my family is highest priority wife and mother first! But where does that leave the years of me and what I have built? Being a wife and a mother is a noble, fulfilling and empowering occupation! I strongly believe there is no greater task than that of being parents. It's the chance to raise kind and value driven human beings. There is no greater responsibility.

However... as an individual it is my responsibility to care for me as well as my family. Because we can only give in the measure that we receive. And part of that is being true to my person. So I chose to continue with my life as an equestrian, artist and teacher. Some adjustments were natural others had to be made more carefully and some where downright difficult. But in the end the adjustments allowed me to serve my family, my horse, myself and my S.E.A. community.

The beauty found in motherhood is unexplainable. Children are the best examples and teachers. My children have taught me more about myself and helped me grow in important virtues that allow me to serve with greater understanding, compassion, kindness and patients. Applicable to every area of life and especially for working with horses.

Motherhood is not something that requires you to put life on pause while your children grow up. Children are an integral part of life its self and complement who we already are and that which we already do. Sure it comes with its challenges but name one thing that will not present some kind of challenge along the way.

By staying true to who I am as an equestrian I'm able to give back to my family more fully and lovingly. This does not mean I spend countless hours working on projects away from my family. My family are as much a part of what I do everyday as I am apart of their lives. It's an intentional integrated lifestyle that I've been able to build. And I am filled with such gratitude to be so privileged to continue the journey I began fifteen years ago with Relámpago.

Over the course of fifteen years, Relámpago inspired countless...

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