Uncertain Times

I was always asking myself... 'will he recover?' I was so afraid he wouldn't. Not because I wanted the glory in the show ring. I just wanted my dear friend Relámpago to be well and be able to live a happy horsy life at this point.

I turned to my artwork while I rode every horse I could in the neighborhood. Two and half years past we did another set of x-rays to see how those growth plates were doing... My prayers were answered. They had closed enough to know that he wasn't going to laps. Now it was just making sure he got the appropriate hand walking with some controlled turnout if he was quiet.

We made it! He not only was going to live a normal life I was going to be able ride and enjoy him. By now I had abandoned my hopes of a breeding program. We didn't have the funds after the costly care Relámpago had required for the past few years. So I decided I wanted to ride dressage.

I wasn't interested in the fancy modern dressage you see in the show ring though I wasn't apposed to it either. I was mostly interested in the classical dressage mainly because of it's long history and principles of training. It focused on the horse's natural movement that assisted in improving the domestic horse's wellbeing with exercises that only asked the horse to do what he was naturally built to do. This seamed like a great option for us considering Relámpago's history.

I had only one problem... I didn't live anywhere near anyone who rode or trained dressage. They were all at least several hours away and I wasn't about to send him off to a trainer who didn't understand his history. Everyone nearby either trail rode or did a bit of jumping. Trail riding was fine with me but I didn't see it as something to aspire to and jumping was out of the question.

So I rolled my sleeves up once again and started to figure out my next move. I figured if I could learn enough about my horse's physiology and the basics of dressage training I could probably manage most of it myself. I did realize that I had a very large and strong 3 year old colt on my hands with little education though... so I knew I was going to need help with some of his most basic training for safety reasons.

Training didn't go as I had hoped...

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