The Search Begins

I was fortunate enough to have my mom who supported me once she realized my determination after several years of working hard and saving so miserly. Later she told me she had hoped I would settle for breeding miniature horses like she had done.

My mom was after all the one who owned the top World Champion Miniature Stallion T.D. Celebrity. Who sired many national champion foals. She also ran our miniature horse farm which allowed me to grow up caring for all the breeding stock, training foals and spending my weekends at horse shows.

From growing up in such an environment I was well equipped for the everyday care of a horse. Having been involved in every health issue imaginable and sharing late night shifts watching sick horses or waiting for a foal to be born, I new full well what it meant to run a breeding farm.

What I hadn't realized was the need to understand the P.R.E. bloodline history. Sure I knew bloodlines was important after all you can't choose good stock without this. However, the way to research P.R.E. bloodlines was a little different from how we research the miniature bloodlines. For one miniature horses are an American breed making it fairly easy to obtain and track their show records and other important information about the line.

The P.R.E. on the other hand was an emerging breed coming from a country of which I did not speak the language. Little was available in English until later and it was equally hard to find breeders in the U.S. willing to share enough information about the background of their stock. Perhaps they just didn't have the information I was seeking. Today A.N.C.C.E. the Spanish organization for the P.R.E. is online with a wealth of information readily available. You can obtain show records and lineage with the click of a button. But in my day I was lucky if I got an email response to my question.

Regardless of the hurdles, I did my best to educate myself about the breed over the next year or so. By now I was sixteen years old and the P.R.E. had reached peak popularity. Unapproved quality foals were selling for more than $12,000. I had saved just $7,000 a fair amount and one that would get me a decent horse but probably not the foundation stallion I had in mind...

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