The Lightning Project

Just over a year ago I chose to retire my beloved P.R.E. horse Relámpago. It's always a hard decision but I consider myself among the most fortunate under the past circumstances. I was able to secure a forever home with people that value and love him. Willing to do everything needed to keep him healthy and safe.

However, the end of a 15 year relationship with Relápmago was nothing short of heart wrenching for me. I never thought he wouldn't be in my life. But sometimes those choices are not our own to make and seeking out what was best for him came before my personal wants.

As a new wife and young mother living in California's Bay Area. It was clear my life had shifted in the most beautiful way possible. Such a shift does in no way affect my love for Relámpago or my dedication to learning about equine development and anatomy. What it did change was the care I was able to provide for my dear horse and lifelong friend.

My choices for care were limited and my time to observe and ensure proper care of Relámpago also became more and more difficult. Everyday it got a little harder to make sure he was getting everything he needed from exercise to supplementing. I knew I was falling short. So... it was time to find him a life that would once again provide him with everything he deserved.

This is the story of my journey with Relámpago and how he has inspired my artwork. I will be sharing some of the most intimate moments about our journey along with the ups, downs and sharp learning curves we experienced along the way. Make sure you subscribe to you don't miss out.

Relámpago continues to inspire my work and will forever hold a special place in my heart as he continues to educate and help so many through Sculpture Equine Anatomy.

Why The Lightning Project? For one the translation of Relámpago means lightning. It's a name that goes back generations of live stock to his sire. One of the first to be imported from Cartuja de Sevilla, Andalucía in Southern Spain. A place of captivating equine history that has influenced countless breeds all over the world. The Lightning project also signifies how fast those 15 years we spent together have past and in some ways seam like a distant memory. I can no longer bury my face in his big neck or enjoy warm spring days bathing him. Or watch him run to the fence when he catches me in the corner of his eye as I approach his paddock. Or stay up all night with him to make sure he pulls through a night of mild colic or hear his gentle nicker in the early hours of the day.

My memories could be filled with regret for not doing this thing or that... but my memories are not regretful they are filled with such gratitude of all the blessings his life bestowed up me. He changed me and prepared me for great tasks ahead and for that... I will forever seek to give back to all equestrians so they too may encounter the beauty of what their horses have to offer. I invite you on this journey with me as I share the work Relámpago continues to inspire. Click Here to subscribe to The Lighting Project so you don't miss a moment of the journey.

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