Sharing What He Taught Me

Once I gained enough confidence in my own knowledge, experience and ability to help my own horse I realized what a valuable tool I had for other equestrians.

Until now it was a natural progression of my own making. I used my art to learn anatomy and support my journey with Relámpago. Now it was time to figure out how I could make this readily available to the everyday horse person like me.

I realized the challenges involved for someone who is not an artist. So I went to working figuring out how I could package the valuable tools sculpting offered in a way that was accessible and appealing to someone who wanted to learn more about horse anatomy.

I had been teaching for several years prior so I took what I already knew and started by giving classes in sculpting and using the horses as our models. I inserted some of the information I had learned in my journey with Relámpago such as identifying muscular development vs conformation. How training and riding decisions change the way the horse looks and moves. I also incorporated how we can identify facial expressions connecting that with the health and comfort of the animal.

Students learned to see this in their horses and transfer it into clay sculptures. It was truly the beginning of Sculpture Equine Anatomy my online resource for equestrians to dive deep into the equine's anatomy through sculpture.

As my local classes grew... I wanted to enhance the learning experience with information that time didn't allow in a class of a few hours....

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