Relampago's Retirement

In October 2019 I chose to retire Relámpago. My personal life had changed as a wife and new mother limiting the time I was able to dedicate to Relámpago's progress and everyday care.

So I felt the responsible thing to do was to put Relámpago first by placing him somewhere he would be cherished and valued as much as I had valued and loved him over the past fifteen years.

I was fortunate enough to still be in contact with the breeder I got him from. Relámpago's sire and Dam had passed away, so the family that owned and ran the farm were extremely excited to bring Relámpago home again.

Today Relámpago is their quiet forever family horse who gets to enjoy the big open spaces their ranch has to offer. Along with several dozen other P.R.E. horses who live on the farm I know he is safe and happy.

The night before I said goodbye to Relámpago, my husband blessed me with the afternoon to take the time I needed to sculpt a sketch portrait. While he stayed at home with our our four month old I went off to sculpt and say my goodbyes.

The sculpture you see in the story image above was the result of five hours of sculpting. Those five hours where some of the most beautiful hours Relámpago and I got to spend together. While we enjoyed the California evening weather, he ate his dinner while I sculpted away. We enjoyed each others company. This was not an uncommon occurrence as I often used Relámpago as a model for my sculpting.

He always came to check my progress by nudging the sculpture gently with his nose and then returning to his food. I loved the opportunity to capture Relámpago exactly as I saw him that day which was something I hadn't done before. He had been an inspiration for many pieces of work but this time I poured fifteen years of love into this sculpture.

Relámpago was a special horse for me because of everything he taught me and everything we shared. For some a horse is just a horse but for those willing to understand their horse's true nature it becomes a life changing experience.

However... Relámpago's retirement was more of a beginning than an end for both of us. He now lives a life that offers space and freedom that I could never provide. Thank you to everything I have learned, I am well equipped to make Sculpture Equine Anatomy a fountain of information for horse people worldwide. It is truly a blessing to have had such an animal in my life and the opportunity to enjoy the journey.

Today Relámpago continues to inspire my projects and classes on sculpting anatomy. And I'm excited to continue to grow in this lifelong path of knowledge. As a wife, mother of two, equestrian and small business owner everyday comes with it's excitements...

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