How He Inspired Me To Teach

I began just by recording myself sculpting the pieces I was working on with my students in class. I posted this on my website so they could access the videos in between classes and continue moving their sculptures forward while learning more about equine anatomy.

This soon translated to online live sculpting classes via zoom and pre-recorded resources for equestrians all over the globe!

From those classes I started pulling bits of useful information to share with a wider community through my Facebook and Instagram pages. Things began the explode... I started getting hundreds of shares and thousands of followers. It became clear there is a very strong need for more access to equine anatomy in the equestrian community.

My classes consist of sculpting the whole horse in clay. As I research I then share and demonstrate in my sculpting classes each month.

It's a true blessing to have the opportunity to learn from so many people I respect in the equestrian community such as Becky Tenges and Sandy Vreeburg with the Masterson Method, Ivana Ruddock-Lange and countless other amazing horse people willing and ready to share the knowledge they have acquired over the years for the betterment of the horse.

I get to do the things I love most as an equestrian, learn, create, teach. It's an exciting journey I'm always happy to share with anyone who want's to learn. The anatomical studies serve to improve my fine art in bronze sculpture and painting. I typically do one or two bronzes per year and several paintings while volunteering as the National Sculpture Society's Northern California Ambassador for sculpture.

This vain of learning, applying and sharing is such an enriching lifestyle that makes each day so exciting! Life was beautiful and nearly perfect with Relámpago thriving, my family was happy and my equestrian community was growing... but that soon changed...

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