Developing with Him

As I learned more and more about equine anatomy my classes grew. I soon started recording videos to supplement what I couldn't teach in class. This allowed me to put the resources I was creating for my students online. Now I had the tools to start reaching horse people on the other side of the globe.

Sculpture Equine Anatomy grew exponentially with little more then making sure I was learning myself and turning that information into something visual people could grasp and learn from.

As I grew in my knowledge due to the demands of Sculpture Equine Anatomy, Relámpago and I also made great progress.

I now understood how his body naturally moved and changed over time. This made him a more willing partner and a happier horse. He began to trust me again. His trust allowed me to work with him in hand to develop his core muscles which he needed a lot of after the less then ideal training he had received from my previous choices of trainers and techniques.

Relámpago went from a spooky, pushy horse to a docile trustworthy partner in a mater of 1 year. I do not claim to be particularly talented or consider myself a horse trainer... I simply followed what is natural to a horse, applied that and made sure I was very observant along the way. While being thoughtful about my daily expectations. This allowed us to work as a quiet team that thrived on consistent growth.

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