Building the Future

I figured I needed to earn some cash as one of the first steps to my dream. Growing up we were not privileged with an allowance. But we could work by doing extra chores that needed to be done around the house or around our small ranch.

When these chores became scares... I went to the neighbors for work. I acquired a couple of dog sitting jobs that helped bring in a little more consistency. I carefully saved every penny in a white envelope that I kept in my drawer.

We lived in a small urban horse community so I ventured to do small jobs around the neighborhood. These jobs turned into house sitting jobs which helped my personal funding. I started selling my artwork to the local equestrian community. Trainers and horse owners loved seeing their horses in clay. This was a turning point which allowed me to gain real financial momentum.

For about seven years I worked like this and saved every penny I made. By this time the P.R.E. breed was gaining popularity in the U.S. I quickly recognized this was both a bad thing and a good thing. Bad because the cost of a four year old was going up but their increase in popularity also meant I would have more quality stock to choose from. So I started looking for better paying jobs and ways to increase my art sales to help make up the difference...

I spent the next several years working hard saving and learning what I could about the P.R.E. while I continued to keep much of my dream to myself witch probably contributed to some of the difficulties I encountered later on. But more about that later...

But so much time had passed and the P.R.E. horse was increasing in value fast! Would my efforts really pay off..?

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