Bringing Him Home

Because my budget didn't allow travel, my Mom and I combed Southern California for the right horse. We still held out for finding a three or four year old but we knew it was unrealistic. So we soon started looking at foals.

The search lasted several months until I found the perfect stallion to sire my future breeding program. The only problem he was seven years old, completely out of my budget and already someone's foundation stallion.

So I settled on the next best and most attainable thing, a foal in utero. At the time they were more affordable in many cases after all. The mare I chose was already several months pregnant. So now all I had to do is wait and pray it was a colt.

Her foal was born on April 15th 2005. I remember getting the call from the breeder telling me my foal was born. A healthy strong colt. We visited him when he was just a few weeks old. He was in a dirt pasture given the ranch was in the middle of Southern California's desert, tt was the most ideal setting for a foal like him to run and play with his siblings as the small band of mares and foals shared the space. They had low protein hey to graze on for most of the day and I felt confident this foal was going to do well as my first investment to my up and coming breeding program.

He was weaned in August 2005. I remember going to the ranch to pick him up. We fallowed behind the large transport trailer and I handed over the check I had worked so many years for.

Relámpago was a top quality foal which I ended up paying $10,000. In the end my Mom chipped in the last $3000 I needed to bring him home. She had inherited a small some and decided to put it towards my dream. What a great mom!

My Dad a licensed architect in California designed and built our mare motel which had an attached trailer parking. We converted the trailer parking into Relámpago's stall. It was the only space that was big enough for an indoor stall for him. The barn was a beautiful cinderblock structure that was very airy. It opened to a large dirt paddock lined with orange trees and behind the barn there was a wide horse trail lined with eucalyptus. I loved the smell of the eucalyptus and oranges but we often got high winds in the San Fernando Valley which caused many of the trees to fall down. So they weren't exactly the most agreeable trees to have around or the most safe. But we couldn't so much about them since they were just outside our fens line on public property.

I couldn't be more excited to have my dream transpire into reality. I was so excited to roll out of bed each morning and care for him. I knew exactly what I was going to do in the upcoming years and how I was going to get him ready to be the greatest foundation P.R.E. there was! But... after having Relampago home for only a few weeks we noticed something wasn't right in his lower hind joints...

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