An Iberian Dream

The word dream invites a lot of secular judgment. A dreamer may be considered an idealist. Someone who lives in their own head to avoid reality. Or someone who is considered impractical, fancy or naive.

How often have you shared a dream with someone only to have their "reality" shot back at you motivating you to be more like them... practical... down to earth... realistic..?

I think it is widely forgotten that dreams are those things we aspire too. The achievements of each individual's future. The things that will happen with education, practice, experience and perseverance.

I want to share a story with you... it's a story about my own personal dream that has changed not only my life but the lives of thousands of horse people around the world.

It was a sunny California day...

I had just finished my schoolwork and now I had the opportunity to do what I wanted with the few hours left with the afternoon.

I was excited to read some of my favorite books about horses. I often grab several of these books and made myself comfortable on the sofa.

I was about nine years old at the time. My birthday had recently passed and I was giving a small book about horse breeds now added to my list of favorites.

I would flip through its pages and read the descriptions about the countries the horses originated in and the breeds they descended from. I loved to read about each unique breed! But I always found myself flipping back to one horse in particular. His face captivated me and

I could just stair at this majestic animal who stood on a sandy beach. He was tall with an upright build and a soft noble look in his eye. It was the Pure Spanish Horse. After many weeks maybe even months finding myself returning to that page and re-reading the short description about him, I started to ask questions about the breed. I tried to learn as much as I could with my limited recourses.

My love for the breed came long before the breed's popularity in the U.S. making it difficult to find information in English. Just a couple of years later I found a small association offering a free printed catalog... I immediately signed up and check the mail everyday until it arrived. I wanted to learn everything I could about this beautiful animal.

I soon got excited and started to share my dream of owning and breeding these horses one day. My dream was shot down on more then one occasion not out of malice but out of pity for my naive and childish thoughts. But this dream had already been building momentum in my mind for a couple of years. So I soon kept the idea to myself and got to work. I wasn't about to let other people's limiting beliefs stop what I had already believed in for sometime.

So I figured I needed to...

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