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June 27, 2017



Establishing a firm base that will allow one to build upon is essential for success. Just as a primary teacher assists a child to read, through a structured method that un-jumbles letters in preparation for complex novels, so to must we return to a state of recognized innocents in the face of a new adventure such as sculpting. 




Sculptural work is metaphoric. It wraps science, emotion and technique into a tangible image that speaks with a loud voice to its viewer. To achieve such a strong form of expression one must be open to experimentation, failure and change. Its a journey of self discovery. Just as a child grows to adulthood so too must we grow from a point of unknowing.





The foundation of sculptural technique is not one to be learned and left behind. It is a step of the process that is forever perfected by the dedicated artist. In saying this, I want to express the importance of fully understanding the point in which to start. It is imperative that an artist begins with each sculptural work from a state of truth rooted in nature.




Nature is a broad beginning, as it includes all things naturally precent in the earth. However, this is a place of freedom for the individual artist. Choosing a subject within nature opens the first topic I wish to discuss, that is science.




Considering science as a tool to understanding the chosen subject is essential to an artist's long success. I encourage every artist to begin by seeking to fully understand the chosen subject from an anatomical, biomechanical and an emotional point of view. These are the basis for expression and areas that can never be exhausted. As each sculpture begins with an armature and muscle structure, the sculptor is given the opportunity to revisit each of these three points through the creative process, therefore improving himself with every piece created. 




From the study of truth in nature the artist builds valuable skills and personal techniques important for furthering their personal ability to creating more meaningful and impactful works of art. This brings us to my second point, experience. One may only claim experience after hundreds or thousands of repetitions of the same skill. Through patients, an artist repeats each building block from the beginning with the intention of seeking new understanding and improved skill to allow room for experimentation and even failure which in turn builds firm knowledge of an ever evolving process.  





To conclude, as artists we find ourselves as students of natures truths. With eyes wide open, and a mind bent on curiosity, an artist may bring the unspoken forms of communication into a tangible expression for many to experience and likely understand.              



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