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The Artwork Relámpago Inspired


This sculpture stands 9" tall and is available for purchase in bronze. 


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The night before he left for retirement I spent five hours non-stop sculpting him. It was a heart wrenching yet beautiful moment of our lives I will never forget. 


I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to spend those last few hours with him and capture him in a comfortable and happy state of mind. He is truly a very special horse who has changed my life significantly. 


I retired Relámpago early at 15 years old. I chose to do this because I believed he deserved the security of a healthy and happy forever home back at the ranch where he came from. Today he is the family's trail horse and continues to enjoy life while serving those who value and love him as much as I do. It isn't everyday we can secure such a future for our beloved horses. 

This sculpture though started at the time of Sculpture Equine Anatomy's inception, is still in clay as it has served as a learning tool for me and others. It is now ready for casting and available for edition reservations.


You may reserve your bronze cast click here



My journey with Relámpago inspired my teaching practice known as Sculpture Equine Anatomy. The lessons I learn in our 15 years together were deep and broad. Information that I can not keep to myself and something I am determined to share with all equestrians so that they may bless their horses with good health and themselves with greater safety. 

Sculpture Equine Anatomy is focused on teaching individuals about the musculoskeletal structures of the equine body through sculpture. Because sculpture requires so much of our understanding of the 3 dimensional structures I feel strongly it is the best avenue to helping fellow equestrians in understanding their horse's physical and emotional needs. 

It is as much of a learning journey for me as it is for those who come to learn from me and I see it as a true privilege to have had the opportunity to learn from Relámpago and manifest that in educational art.