Deanna's Equine Services Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies, Breyer State University 

Certified Equine Health Care


Learn your horse's bids for communication, his physical needs and abilities, so that you and your horse can be a lifelong trusting partnership. 

The horse is a complex creature by himself and as humans we wish to add more complexity by riding him. The bases of all interaction with the horse should be to improve his physical well-being and mental happiness. The horse communicates in silence through reactions unnatural to human nature. We are unable to understand the horse through our own human reasoning without first studying what is natural to the horse. In as much, we must allow ourselves to be perpetual students of our horses and through our human reasoning a guid for the horse to greater well-being. All horses are built with a biomechanical structure that allows him to move in his three gaits and jump around as he wishes all for the purpose of survival. We as humans wish to tame these instinctual behaviors for our own purposes of pleasure and sport. 


To be a successful horseman, one must understand the horse's natural way of moving, muscle development and mental processing. By combining methods that address these three points, the horse may grow in his training free of physical injury and psychological damage. The rider may avoid dangerous accidents often caused by "unforeseen" reactions by the horse.