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Deanna sculpts what she knows. Born in 1988, she  grew up on a ranch where she was constantly participating in the care and training of the mares and foals on her parents property. In California’s suburbs of Rancho Cucamonga, she was encircled by horses and a variety of animals. Education consisted of fine arts, music and science among the more common subjects such as history, English and mathematics. She encountered a deep passion for art at the early age of seven. Participating in an L.A. Zoo art show for kids, Deanna enthusiastically put herself to work sculpting some of the animals she remembered from her family’s frequent visits. These where a hippo, panther and panda. This was the beginning of a journey for Deanna. As she continued to sculpt, she used the mares and foals she was so familiar with for inspiration. Deanna’s education in sculpting has consistently been self taught. She grew up like many children following a program for home schooling with her family and teachers. Going into college she chose to dedicate herself to the study of Equine Science. Her art followed a natural progression, combining art and science and regular self-study. 


Her goal is to follow the example of our masters Da Vinci and Michael Angelo to name only a couple, in an ever developing process of exploration. Each given subject you see sculpted by Deanna, is an example of years of intense study. “Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.” - Leonardo da Vinci. Through self-motivation, she encountered opportunities to study the arts while living in Spain’s, capital Madrid. During her extended stay, she planned frequent visits to the Museos Nacional Del Prado and Thyssen-Bornemisza, which allowed her to closely encounter numerous great works. Throughout the years she has studied with a number of artists who have helped her strengthen her techniques. Studying with Debbie Engle animal artist, she learned the process of mold making and bronze casting. With Betty Davenport, she learned form and structure. In recent years she has studied with Glenn Vilppu in figurative drawing. Today, Deanna continues to encounter new opportunities to continue her artistic growth. As she puts it “without a continuous process of learning and a search for truth, art will lose its depth and beauty”. She works vigorously to bring fresh pieces of work to her portfolio for your delight. 




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National Sculpture Society: ASSOCIATE MEMBER 

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Mission Federal Art Walk Featured Artist